Datscha Café Bar artfully blends the historically country nature of the traditional Russian cuisine with the culinary innovations of today. Our seasonal menu is centered around exceptionally fresh regional ingredients.

Here is a selection of mouth-watering dishes found in our menu:


salad of the season6,90

salad with fried goat cheese and olives9,50

salad with salmon10,50

avocado, horseradish vinaigrette and croutons

Our special salad 9,50

combination of chicken strips, parmesan, croutons, served with fried egg and piquant dressing


served with bread

Borshch 5,50

Solyanka 5,80

with smoked meat, sausages, olives and sour cream


russian appetizer

Proletariat 6,90

Ham „à la russ", potatoes, pickled cucumber, marinated mushrooms, onion rings, brown bread

Proletariat 9,90

typically russian - with 4cl vodka

Peasantry 5,90

aubergine spread, potatoes, pickled carrots, pickled cucumber, onion rings, brown bread

Peasantry 8,90

typically russian - with 4cl vodka

Intelligentsia 7,90

boiled egg with salmon caviar, hering-tartar, potatoes, onion rings, brown bread

Intelligentsia 10,90

typically russian - with 4cl vodka

Collective 12,90

for 2 persons, large mixed plate with a selection of Proletariat, Peasantry and Intelligentsia

Collective 18,90

typically russian - with 10cl vodka


Blini (russian thin pancakes)8,50

with spinach and sour cream

Blini 8,50

with sauerkraut and sour cream

Blini 8,90

with poultry-stuffing and sour cream

Blini 9,50

with salmon and horseradish

Blini 9,50

with red caviar and sour cream

Blinivariations 18.50

(for 2 persons) with spinach, salmon, poultry and sauerkraut, served with horseradish and sour cream


handmade dumplings - vegetarian (in-house creation)

Wareniki 10,50

with humus filing and herbal yogurt

Wareniki 10,50

with feta cheese, tomatoes, basil, wallnuts and rocket salad

Wareniki 10,50

filled with spinach

Wareniki Moscow-style10,70

fried vegetarian dumplings with potato filling, sour creme and eggplant caviar



handmade dumplings stuffed with poultry (in-house creation)

Pelmeni Moscow-style 10,70

(fried) - dumplings stuffed with mixed minced-meat (pork and beef) and coriander, served with two home made sauces

Pelmeni Assorti "Datscha" 10,50

vegetarian assorted dumplings filled with spinach, potatoes and brynsa

Pelmeni-Assorti "Datscha" Extra 11,00

assorted dumplings with spinach, potatoes, mushrooms and poultry


"Hatschipuri" 10,80

homemade fried bread filled with three sorts of georgian cheese, served with a salad and herbal dip

Beef Stroganoff 14,00

Beef in delicate mushroom sauce, served with Draniki (home made potato pancakes)

Chebureki 10,80

homemade fried bread filled with minced lamb meat and coriander. Served with a salad, sheep cheese and red onions

Steak „Kiev" 11,50

steak of pork neck, marinated in vodka, served with fried caraway-potatoes and a salad

Scharkoje 13,50

Lamb with onions, eggplants, green beans and potatoes, topped with a crust (served in a pot)

Tschachochbili 10,50

Braised chicken in a tomato-onion sauce, flavored with red wine and coriander, served with garlic bread

Russian-Burger 10,50

With homemade beef. Loaded with fresh salad, marinated onions, gherkins and home made sauce, served with potatoes and a mixed salad.

Golubzi (vegetarian) 9,80

Kale roulades with buchwheat-vegetable filling,over baked with cheese, on the homemade tomato sauce

Fish „Murmansk style" 12,90

wild salmon filet coated with almond and rosemary, grilled vegetables, served with rice under a caviar topping

Steamed salmon filet 14,50


Blini (russian thin pancakes) 5,90

with almond white cheese and hot cherries

Blini 5,90

with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and fresh fruits

Babuschka 5,70

The Russian response to Italian Pannacotta. Raspberry Coulis on a delicious dessert creme

Zarenschmarrn 5,70

(russian Kaiserschmarrn) caramelized cut-up pancakes (fried) with blueberries on a bed of hot fruit coulis