Specialities 4 cl

„Nastoika" (20%) - made from cranberries 4,50

alcoholic extraction, introduced before distillation

„Russian herbal liqueur" (40%)4,50

spicy secrets from the Russian wilderness

„Chacha" (40%) - georgian grape vodka 5,00

pomace brandy - originally a private moonshine

„Ararat" (40%) - armenian brandy 5,00

from one of the oldest wine growing regions in the world

Clear Vodkas

House-Vodka 4cl 4,00

a plain and honest choice

Sto Gramm (10cl) 8,00

Stolichnaya 4cl 5,00

since 1938 one of the most popular vodkas in the world

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Russky Standart - Gold 4cl 6,00

for the discerning connoisseur

Sto Gramm (10cl) 12,00

Green Mark 4cl 5,00

modern yet traditional

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Extras 1,50

brown bread with pickled cucumber

Flavoured Vodkas

„Subrowka" (with sweetgrass) 4cl5,00

wild with a sweet aroma

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Limonnaja (with lemon) 4cl5,00

fresh and lively

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Perzowaja (with pepper) 4cl 5,00

spicy in every way

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Medowaja (with honey) 4cl 5,00

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Kedrowaja (with pine nuts) 4cl5,00

a sweet and nutty pleasure

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

Smorodina (with blackcurrant) 4cl5,00

a fruity and full-bodied experience

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

"Berjosowaja" (Birkenwodka) 5,00

strong with soft core

Sto Gramm (10cl) 10,00

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